Only 4 easy steps to remote installation via email

Easy to use & the most advanced spy program on teh market!

Instant product delivery

Access datato your WEB-Panel are sent within few minutes after your payment is confirmed

While purchasing our program, you will also purchase the best and the fastest service as well as the guarantee of the best price ever apart from competitive programs

Program is configured and ready to work immediately

Login to your WEB-Panel and download configured infected file. You do not need technical skills or be an advanced computer to use Aaron Remote Installable Keylogger, you will not waste time setting up FTP accounts or mail servers to access the records of the keylogger. Just a simple click our software starts doing its work, operating in total secrecy and total discretion.

Filetypes available to infection (exploits):
  • Microsoft Word document (macro version) - sendable via email, Fully UnDetectable
  • Microsoft Word document (plugin installation version) - sendable via email, Fully UnDetectable
  • Microsoft Excel document (macro version) - sendable via email, Fully UnDetectable
  • Java Script silent installation exploit - sendable via email, Fully UnDetectable
  • Standalone .exe - one click installation from pendrive, Fully UnDetectable

Easy remote installation via email

Keylogger infected file can be sent via your mailbox on any servers:
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Hotmail
  • Business inboxes
  • Any other email server

Only our program can be sent via email without spam report or virus warning!
The person that receives your message and opens the infected file, unwittingly would install the keylogger on their computer. Since then the program will be send captured data to your WEB-Panel.

After installation

Now you can see the logs in your WEB-Panel, all data are showed in user-friendly form

Captured types of data:
  • Keystrokes with running app name and entered passwords
  • Clipboard contents (copy-pasted passwords, all other data)
  • Saved logins and passwords from all browsers
  • Desktop Live preview
  • Webcam live preview
  • Screenshots
All your WEB-Panel data are encrypted and secured, only you have the access such informations, after your license expires, all captured data are auto-removed.

Choose your perfect plan

  • 7 days access
  • Unlimited installations
  • Multi user support
  • All features
  • Basic support
  • 30 days access
  • Unlimited installations
  • Multi user support
  • All features
  • Basic support
  • Access to updates
  • Lifetime access
  • Unlimited installations
  • Multi user support
  • All features
  • Advanced support
  • Access to updates
  • Installation support

All plan included

Available features for all customers

Easy remote installation via email

Only our program can be sent to target's computer via email. Just send infected file!


The keylogger is installed in the background. It does not have any icon on the toolbar, start menu or elsewhere. The program is not visible in the list of system processes in autostart. Even, if it is detected by the user, its files are encrypted, so it is not possible to determine where the keylogger comes from.


We regularly check whether out program is not detected by antiviruses. We counteract this by changing the program signature. Compared to competitive programs, we are the most invisible for antiviruses.

Webcam Live preview

You can see your target via their Webcamera, you will know what they do at this moment!

User-friendly WEB-Panel

Clean form of our WEB-Panel - for your comfort. You can see logs on all devices: PC, Mac, Smartphone and other.

Advanced spy engine

The software collects the data on what is typed in on keyboard of your computer, captures print screens, saved passwords and notifies of the visited websites. All information is delivered in an accessible form, it does not require any additional software to browse through it.

Desktop Live preview

You can watch what the target is doing on the computer at this moment

Quick instllation

One click installation of our program, only 2 seconds!

Trustworthy program

Over 3 years online & no dissatisfied customers

Compare our opinion on the Internet with other tools. Our software is always High Quality, very stable, natively coded and user-friendly.

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