Next gen of SPYWARE, built in best runtime crypter and .doc exploit. Always FUD, forget about detections!


Built-in crypter - FUD


Runtime crypter implemented with iconchanger and stub obfuscation.

Built-in Office exploits


Implemented .doc and .xls exploits - save your money and buy ALL IN ONE!

Advanced Password Recovery


ORK can recover passwords from ALL POPULAR APPS, Firefox, Chrome, Outlook, Thunderbird, Skype and many more!

Easy to use


Save your time and choose our friendly software. Program is preconfigured, just drop your email address and choose file to infect!


simplify your life

You don't need any external software to use our spyware. Want to test our features? Do it for free!



$ 80 / Lifetime

  • biuit-in exploits
  • FUD
  • unlimited builds
  • all features
  • updates & support
  • autobuy
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ORK Free

ORK Premium

Passwords stealer

Built-in crypter

Capture keystrokes, screenshots, passwords, chats...

Stealth mode

Office exploits

Skype and TV support

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How does ORK work, and what distinguishes it from competitive programs? Our program is based on completely different assumptions. It does not pretend to infect Word and Excel file, but it really does. A file generated by Spy File Generator is a regular Office file, so it is not detected by any antivirus program, is not blocked by mail programs, and mail servers accept it and allow it to be spread. Below we present a comparison of our keylogger with others.

Features ORK Remote Installable Keylogger Other keyloggers (Ardamax, Award, Perfect Keylogger…) having a possibility to be remotely installed in theory.
Infection technology Iniection, the malicious codeis hidden within am Office file, it installs the keylogger via VBA Macro. The infected file is a regular .exe application with the Word, Excel, or other icon.
Detectability with antivirus software Low. It is proved by the reports from the Total Antivirus website. Outdated solutions makes the keylogger inoperable because it is blocked by antivirus software, mail servers and mail programs.
Operation It is easy to operate, only essential options used that can be accommodated in one window. Very complicated, you have to fill in many sheets, get through many steps to activate software.


We would like to show you the possibilities of our software and share some ideas concerning an effective and remote installation of our Keylogger.
We presume that you have already downloaded Spy File Generator, bought one of our licenses on Aaron Remote Installable Keylogger, and generated a Spy File (by infecting a Word file or an Application).
Your task is to send it within an email message to an user, whose computer is supposed to be invigilated by you. You have to do it in a way that will make the user open the attachment with the file infected with Keylogger.
If you want to be identified as a company (telephone service provider, university or others) you can use one of the numerous websites, e.g. Fake Mail. It will allow you to enter any sender’s address, which will make your message look credible. We recommend this one: https://emkei.cz/.
If you want to be fully anonymous, you can use the special browser Tor to send the email message:
Using a website like Fake Mail may make your message with Keylogger be placed in the “Spam” folder, so if you are a parent who wants to watch your child’s actions on their computer, use your own mailbox.